MYO DENTAL has developed a number of patented devices which are now widely used. Chewing on their carefully measured resistance for just a few minutes each day can produce rapid improvement in a number of common dental conditions for both adults and children.


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Address to MeDic II Conference, March 2002

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About the MYO Products

The myofunctional device or Myo Munchee, is considered one of the most significant developments in the field of interceptive orthodontics.

The products are inexpensive, costing on average between $70 - $80 including GST. As the website shows, they are easy to use - and it is easy to encourage a child to use them - and they produce dramatic improvements.

Originally designed (over 12 years ago) as an aid to plaque removal, its potential as a preventive orthodontic device was quickly realised.

Dr Kevin Bourke explains:

"The Myo has a marvellous capacity to stimulate bone and develop a better arch form when used in young children. It has proven to be an enormous aid especially in cases of anterior open bite"

Produced from hybrid latex or silicone, the MYO has hundreds of tiny projections on its inner surfaces to provide a cushioned force to the teeth and gums.

When chewed vigorously with the lips together it exercises the craniofacial muscles and encourages nose breathing. Eminent orthodontists such as Dr RM Ricketts and Dr Thornton Taylor, consider craniofacial exercise as important for proper facial development.


Dr Bourke feels the high incidence of malocclusion in modern society is probably due to our diet of soft foods.

"Stasis (the stoppage of flow of fluid) is the basis of disease" he says.

"Children go from milk to slop, never adequately exercising the craniofacial musculature. In addition, colds, thumbsucking, asthmatic conditions and a variety of other ailments play a part in disrupting the stomatognathic system".

With the current trend towards early correction of many orthodontic problems the Myo is gaining global popularity. "Almost all malocclusions, both dental and structural, are present from infancy and respond rapidly to interception" he says.

There is no room in Dr Bourke's approach for what he calls "supervised neglect".

With parental assistance and encouragement children two years and older can be treated and, unlike conventional appliances, the Myo can be used right through ages six to seven years when the permanent incisors and first molars are erupting.

The home carer, usually the mother, not the dentist, is responsible for treatment of two to five year olds.


Product and Product Use

X1 Large U-trim Myo
Soft silicone

For nocturnal use. Positions lower jaw downward and forward.
Raises the hyoid bone.
Stimulates the Genio Glossus Muscle.
Is a cost effective means of preventing snoring in many instances.

XL Large U-Trim Myo
Firmer silicone than Number 1

For active use. Promotes salivary flow from Parotid, Serous, and Mucous glands.

Raises the host defence mechanism of the mouth, stimulates the gum tissue and cleans the teeth.Use daily for 10 mins while showering. Swallow all the saliva. It’s yours and good for your stomach.

Large Hybrid Latex Myo
If patient has a latex allergy use silicone type.

Can be used actively or passively. In TMJ problems.
Very resistant to damage from vigorous Clenching and Bruxing.

Large Silicone Myo
Male and Female

Use when problems of bruxing, grinding and clenching exist nocturnally.
Excellent TMJ therapy for facial pain.
Can be munched 10 mins daily for a healthy mouth.

Medium Silicone U-Trim
3 yrs to 10 yrs and nocturnally for small mouthed adults

Can be trimmed to suit most children 3yrs to 10 yrs.
Excellent promoter of nose breathing.
Mouth breathing is a major problem causing faulty facial development.
Passive and active appliance - excellent allrounder.

Medium Silicone
General Purpose Myo. Good introduction to an oral device.
Use in TMJ problems, and nocturnal use.

Medium Hyrid latex
Universal use. TMJ etc.
Resistant to severe chewing stresses.

Small Hyrid latex with handle
2 to 5 yrs
Very important appliance. Used to correct very early developing problems of the teeth and jaws such as open bite, cross bites, closed bites, teeth grinding.

Use from the earliest years in conjunction with SMM (storybook Myomunching). Empowers the muscles of the Orbicularis Oris essential for good facial growth.

Small Hybrid latex
Active appliance
Children 4 to 6 years
Use 10 minutes daily (watching TV)

Promotes salivary flow, cleans teeth, promotes lip seal and develops muscles of mastication, and the bones of the face, promoting good vertical dimension. Good preventative device.

2 to 5 years
Small silicone with handle being produced