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MYO Appliance

About The MYO Appliance

The Myomunchee is essentially a preventive tool, which can be used by parents to overcome bad habits in young children (2 to 5yrs) which are detrimental to their overall health such as mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, poor chewing habits, resulting in weak muscle tone in the facial muscles and inferior quality alveolar bone which holds the teeth.
The Myo comes in a range of sizes and shapes, to accommodate various oral problems, such as crooked teeth, bleeding gums and TMJ joint pain.
Very often, these oral difficulties simply require dedication to daily use of the Myo. Using it to exercise the muscles, stimulates the gums, promote salivary flow to keep the mouth and stomach healthy, or to prevent clenching of the teeth nocturnally.
The following photos are some results achieved simply by home use of the Myomunchee.

Seeing is Believing

Patient AG.
Closing an open bite and widening the dental arch in a 4yr Old Girl

Patient BH.
Straightening teeth and improving arch form

Patient DH.
Bone expansion and teeth alignment with MYO daily use

Patient GG.
Note improvement in tooth alignment and facial muscles

Patient GE.
Note bite opening in early life and good facial features in later life

Patient JF.
Note the correction of the bite and the improvement in the lower third of the face.

Patient JessH.
Note the Myo has promoted bone growth. Notice the space created between the lower front teeth and what beautiful lips.
Research at the University of North Carolina has shown that the environment is more important than the genes in
producing an attractive face.

Patient JR.
Note the improvement in gum health. All in one month.

Patient KH.
Closing the bite and better positioning of the tongue, resulting in better speech

Patient LH.
What an improvement in just a few months

Patient LW.
All in 18 months. Note the cross bite correction

Patient RH.
Closely examine the gum improvement, particularly in the lower arch.

Patient RT.
Severe anterior cross bite in a 3yr old boy in 3 months. WOW!


Dentistry is increasingly about PREVENTION rather than cure, and MYO Dental products were designed with PREVENTION of dental problems in mind.

Early Childhood Development
MYO Dental's favourite product, the MYO Munchie, is very beneficial in early childhood development of jaw, palate and facial structure. Our dental products promote healthy development of teeth, lip and tongue strength, nose breathing and other crucial early childhood development issues.
Use of MYO Dental products at a young age (from infants to adolescents) will lessen, and in many cases, eliminate the need for your child to ever have braces or other painful and uncomfortable orthodontics.

Alternative to Braces for Your Child
The MYO Munchie, our alternative to braces for your child is cheaper, more pleasant and more effective than other alternatives to braces.

Tooth Clenching / Grinding
Tooth clenching damages teeth and can cause other dental problems. Tooth clenching can be reduced or even eliminated with the use of a MYO Munchie.

TMJ Symptoms and Pain
TMJ symptoms of pain and discomfort in the jaw can be drastically reduced or cured by the proper use of select MYO appliances.

Snoring Cure
The MYO snoring cure appliance addresses the cause of snoring and offers a real snoring cure, typically giving about 5 in 10 users significant relief from snoring, and subsequently, a restful night of sleep.

MYO Dental Products for Good Dental Hygiene and Health

This website is dedicated to the rapidly growing area of preventative dental care and hygiene using simple myofunctional dental products.
MYO appliances are vital dental products, forming part of an effective dental hygiene program that can greatly improve dental health, breathing habits and facial appearance.

* * *

MYO Dental products are used to address numerous dental and myofunctional disorders. In addition to those already mentioned, MYO dental products can help in addressing the following and other problems:

Tongue Disorders Bruxism Malocclusions Dental Hygiene
Speech Development Jaw Pain Gum Disease Salivary (Saliva) Gland

Additional Information on MYO Dental Products

Review MYO Dental's world-wide research and case studies intothis field of myofunctional therapy. Read in-depth articles, review tables of data and see first hand photographs of the successes gained by using these simple products.

See photographs of our simple, inexpensive dental products, learn which product would best suit your need and how to use them. Read about our simple and effective methods to get children enjoy using MYO Munchie.

Use our easy-to-follow order form to have MYO Dental products shipped to your preferred location world-wide. If you're unsure of the correct dental product to use, contact Dr Bourke directly from our contact page or ask your dentist to make enquiries on your behalf.

Click here to contact MYO Dental Australia if you have anyfurther questions, or comments.


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